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Safety Tips
ARO is committed to you and your safety. We want to do everything possible to make sure your travel is happy and safe. We urge you to take a few minutes to review this safety information before leaving our rental facility.

According to law enforcement officials, criminals employ a number of methods designed to distract motorists and force them to stop their vehicles. This is especially true for people criminals think may be tourists.
Deception methods include:
- Yelling, honking, or pointing at your car as if something is wrong with it
- Motioning or asking you to stop and lend assistance
- Flashing headlights at your vehicle
- Bumping your car from behind
If you experience any of the above, don't pull over or stop. Instead, drive immediately to the nearest service station or well lit public area and telephone the police (for example 112 or 02 in Ukraine).

Important Rental Information

Keys - Renters commonly lock keys inside the rental car. As a friendly reminder - try and put the keys in your pocket immediately upon taking them out of the ignition. That way there is little chance of locking the keys in the car. If this does happen or you lose the keys, call ARO to obtain help.
Accidents - Never leave the scene of an accident until after the police have arrived. It is important to remember that you will require a copy of the police report should an accident occur to avoid troubles with insurance. After the accident if you are capable of doing so, proceed to the ARO location to complete the Report. ARO reserves the right not to replace the car.

Eight steps to safe travel

1. Know your route! - Before leaving the rental counter, ask for specific directions to your destination, including applicable motorway entrances and exits. Your ARO rental agent will be happy to provide you with a local road map to help you find your way.
2. Lock up! - Keep your car doors locked and the windows up when driving or when parked.
3. No free rides! - No matter how innocent or needy they may appear, hitchhikers can mean bad news. Avoid them.
4. Know your car! - Familiarize yourself with your car's safety equipment, such as headlights and hazard lights, door locks, and spare tire, before leaving the rental location. Always fasten your seat belts.
5. Hide your valuables! - Lock purses, wallets, luggage, and valuables in the boot or glove compartment.
6. See the light! - Should you become lost, do not pull over on the side of the road to study your map or directions. Instead, drive to the nearest well lit, populated, public place such as a service station or restaurant. And be sure to lock your car and take the keys with you.
7. Ready, check, go! - Always park in well lit areas and make sure you have your keys in hand when approaching your vehicle. Before entering, check inside and underneath your car. Lock your doors immediately upon entering.
8. Make the call! - In the rare event you feel you are being followed, proceed to a well lit populated area and call the police.

WARNING! Always fasten your seat belts while driving!

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