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Terms & Conditions

Selfdrive rent

Rental Rates
Rates include oil and maintenance, third party liability insurance, but not gasoline. Daily Rates are for 24 hours from start of rental. If a daily rental period is exceeded by more than 3 hours, another full day will be charged. Ask for long-term rental rates if you wish to rent more cheaply but for a longer period.

Insurance Deposit & Terms of Payment
The insurance deposit, depends on car model, and should be placed at the beginning of the rent. The deposit will be returned upon returning of the car.

Minimum Age of Lessee
The minimum age of Lessee is 21 years.
The driving experience should be 3 years minimum and a valid passport. The driving license must be valid for use in Ukraine.

Rental Limitations
Minimum rental period - 24 hours; there is no minimum mileage requirements.

Liability of Renter
In case of damages or loss of the rented car or car parts, and in case of fire, breakage of glass or theft, the Renter is liable in accordance with insurance agreement.
The Renter is liable for all infringements committed while in possession of the vehicle in accordance with insurance agreement.
The Renter is responsible in full for the damages of the vehicle when the respondent is not legally defined.
The Renter carries extra charges, in case security deposit is less than deductible insurance fee.

Car Driving Out of Kiev
No additional fees/deposit required for car driving out of Kiev.
Vehicle transportation, parking, etc is Renter's responsibility in case of possible damage accrued while driving out of Kiev.

Free delivery and collection only within metropolitan locations from 9:00 to 18:00 r for 5 EUR during other hours. Cars may be delivered or collected within Kiev city limits for a charge of 5,00 EUR from 9:00 to 18:00 or for 10,00 EUR during other hours.
See for details Extra Services.

Car Replacement
ARO offers brand new cars with low mileage and under constant technical control. In case of possible damage of the car, the Renter is authorized to undertake necessary actions to repair the vehicle at the closest repair shops recommended and confirmed with ARO manager. ARO Company leaves the right to replace broken vehicle for the same standard vehicle upon availability.

Additional cars equipment
During winter months all cars are equipped with winter tires.
See for details Extra Services.

Additional Driver
An additional authorized driver must satisfy the age requirements of ARO and have a valid driver's license. There is a 3 EUR charge for each additional driver per day.

All cars are supplied with a full tank of gasoline provided by ARO, but gasoline is not included in rate. Thats why, you must return the vehicle with a full tank of gasoline. If a car is returned with less than a full tank, the Renter will be charged for a refilling service of 0,7 EUR per litter.

In the case of lost car documents, keys, plates, or purposely damaged tires, ARO will charge a penalty of 100 EUR.

In case of an accident or damage to the vehicle, injury to a person or in case of suspicion of theft of the vehicle or its parts, the police MUST ALWAYS be called. Any accident or damage to car must also be reported to the Lessor within 24 hours. The Renter should make an immediate report of any vehicle damage to the police.

For more details, please refer to your Rental Contract

Chauffeur Service

AROs tariffs includes fuel and oil consumption, chauffeur service and vehicle rent according to the Renter's purposes.

Full payment of the estimated cost of hire is required at the commencement of the rental. Parking and highway fees should be paid by the Renter. Final payment adjustments will be made on termination.

Minimum rent period
We require minimum 3 hours rent period including car delivery.

We regret that vehicle rental is restricted to the Renters of 16 years and over. Evidence of valid passport is required.

The Renters could be insured upon request. Insurance is subject for extra charges, which depends on Tenants requirements. Insurance may cover desired subject according the insurances terms and conditions.

In case the vehicle is damaged because of gross negligence of the Renter- the Renter is obliged to replace the damaged or lost pieces. In case the replacement is impossible, then compensation will be made for the damages. Smoking and alcohol drinks only with chauffeur permission.

For more details, please refer to your Rental Contract

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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